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    Chocolate freckles are awesome but we don't sell them...

    Where's winter?

    Where's winter?

    So I've been patiently waiting day after day for it to get cold here in Melbourne. Yet the cold never arrives. Global warming? El Nino? Perhaps. I'm actually not much of a fan of winter but I do understand the necessity of having 4 seasons! Plus I'm very keen for a change of wardrobe given there's so many fabulous new styles in the stores. It's no exception here at Chocolate Freckles for your little ones. MINTI, HUXBABY, SUNDAY THE LABEL, LITTLEHORN, PAPERWINGS and so much more just waiting to get home to your minis so they're ready the minute that cold weather hits. Browse our online store or visit us in the flesh in Essendon. We'd love to say hello. Oh and bring the change of season with you if possible! x

    Life and style according to Chocolate Freckles

    I've always wanted a blog! And I've spent 6 years trying to get this store online. Well finally I can say I have both. I'll attempt to make it interesting as I go along but for now I just wanted to welcome you to the store. We are about to launch into a spring/summer that I think will be amazing. I hope you can join us for the ride. Always happy to take feedback so shoot me a line at if you want to say hi. :)